Why SiteForce

SiteForce was founded by seasoned corporate veterans who understand that the best service is driven by the best systems.    Diligently following systems creates consistency which is key to high quality, long term service relationships.  We have studied and continue to study the janitorial, facility services, and building maintenance industries to identify best practices.  We then created our systems based on this research for every component of our business.  We continually refine our systems as needed to reflect individual customer needs.

Systems for Service drive Success.  These terms represent our core values and define our company focus.

Our systems refer to our company processes and the terms are interchangeable.  SiteForce Systems represent the best practice processes for every component of our service delivery.  They enable us to deliver consistent performance which is key to building a successful client relationship in our industry.  Our systems include defined processes for everything from hiring, training, safety, security, cleaning, floor care, carpet care, quality control, and communication.  Our systems are created based on the desire to be the best provider in our industry and the commitment to taking ownership in understanding how to deliver on that goal.  We are constantly reinvesting into the company on research and education to improve our systems.  Plus, we customize our systems to meet every unique client situation, requirement, and delivery expectation.

At SiteForce, we never lose sight of the fact that we are a service-based business for outsourcing janitorial and facility solutions.  Our ability to consistently deliver our services to meet and exceed client expectations defines our overall measure of success.  We strive to be experts in our trade and to deliver our services in a manner which ensures long term client relationships.  We never lose site of the fact that we SERVE our customers!

Long term client relationships require that the quality of work and communication remain consistent in order to deliver excellence of service.  We don’t make the assumption that “no news is good news”.  SiteForce utilizes several layers of quality control in conjunction with defined communication points to make sure all details are addressed for each cleaning interval.  Our goal is to proactively manage the quality of our work so our customers don’t have to.